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Tips and recipes for a cleaner face


Keeping in mind the phrase “never put something on your skin that you will not eat”, we are giving you some valuable tips. For a soft and clean skin like a child, for impressive and unforgettable touches, we should pay attention to the skin.


Since facial skin constantly accumulates impurities, cleaning, and care for it must be continuous and regular. It is important to note that care of it should be as natural and the products should be subtle, without chemical and synthetic ingredients.

In addition to soap, we all know it should be used twice a day (washing with cold water even in winter), skin will also take care of other. Dry and greasy skin is even more problematic than normal skin, so much care is needed. The first step behind the soap is the skrabi.

In order for the skin to be as ready to be cleaned from black spots, it must first be cleansed from the dead cell layer that prevents the skin from cleaning and nourishing.

1. Skrape should be made 2-3 times a week for oily skins, twice a week for dry skins, 1 time a week for normal skins (skim should be done with delicacy without exerting force, working with circular motion, on it whole face). Skrabi eliminates toxins from the skin, dead cells, and surface impurities that make the skin seem lifeless. In addition, dead cells block the pores, not allowing them to be aired and washed properly with soap. So it is a necessary step. After the dead cell layer has been removed, the skin is more readily cleansed and nourished in depth.

2. Steam, which should be done at least once a month (Steam must be done after the scraper). This helps to relieve blood circulation and cleanse the black spots. Skrabi and steam also help reduce acne or acne. Add essential lavender and sage oil to make the steam more efficient for blackheads or rosemary essential oil to make the steam more restful to the stressed skins.

Careful! Steam should not last more than 10 minutes.

3. After the scarf, steam and mask, the ritual is completed with a massage on the face. For massage, sweet almond oil, hazel or coconut oil must be used, which help to close the pores and in the most problematic cases, the coconut continues to purge the black spots, drawing them to the surface. Thus, cleaning black spots will be easier through a cotton swab. So massage with ointments helps in even deeper scrubbing, shrinkage, skin toning and constant nourishment.


Other specialized tips for a clean face.

1. When choosing face products, read their content well on the label. If the label contains chemicals names you do not know, do not buy them.

2. When you decide to buy, then all products should be a single line. It is not good for the day cream to be the next line and that of the night by another.

3. Do not make scraping, steaming, and sweeping more than anything else because they damage the skin.

4. Avoid Aggressive Content completely.

5. Face your face every night before sleeping. This will help not only for a quiet sleep, but also to keep the face in shape.

6. Do not touch the skin during the day with uncleaned hands, hands keep many microbes that “faint” facial skin.