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13 Tricks of Beauty That Every Woman Should Teach


It’s a fact that being a woman is not easy at all and that they always have to pay more attention to their appearance. But if they follow the proper beauty tricks, their life can be a lot easier. That is why we are here to help you with some tips. Below you will find 13 tricks of Beauty that every woman should teach.


Take a look at the advice and see if you already know them. If not, now is the time to start using them, to make your life easier. Enjoy!

1. Use Baby’s Powder for Coarse Eyebrow.

There is no need for you to use false eyelashes to achieve the full appearance. You can get to look the way you want to apply a powdered cotton dust to a cotton wool on your skull. Then apply a layer with your Mascara and your skull will look beautiful.

2.Make your eyelash mask in hot water for better application.

If your mascara is attached and you want to fix it, the best way is to run it into warm water until the mascara brush is clean. Then simply crease and dampen the moisture, then you can use it easier to apply Mascaren to your eyebrow.

3. Keep the lipstick out of your teeth.

No one wants to smile when you smile on your lipstick teeth. So, the best way to stick the lipstick is to keep your finger in the mouth for a few seconds to dampen the lipstick and not stick to your teeth .

4. Turn on your eyelash with a hairdryer.

In order to make the jaws easier to return, warm the eyelashes with a hair dryer before you want to turn the eyelashes back.

5.To surround your lips so well.

If you want your lips to look beautiful and full you should follow this super easy example in the picture.

6. Learn how Buzëkuqi hangs you long in your lips.

All women want their lipstick to stay as long as it does not disappear quickly. After you apply your favorite lipstick, press a cotton pad on your lips and apply a dusty brush several times over.

7. Learn how to grow your lips 
If you want to achieve the effect that your lips are full, follow the lesson below with the picture.

8. Know this model perfectly to make the most beautiful makeup.

If you want to apply your grin fairly, this pattern is what you need to spot so that you can make the makeup properly.

9. Make your eyes look bigger.

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, then instead of a black line, you should try to use the first one with a white pencil.

10. Use an adhesive tape to make perfect eye makeup.

Every woman tends to achieve the correct eye makeup. The adhesive honey is the right tool for this purpose.

11. Use a Spoon When Applying the Brush

Applying to the rash of the pages seems to be a bit tricky. You can use a spoon to make it easier. Simply cover the apples of your pages and apply the powder to the spoon under the spoon.

12.Wave your eyelashes with spoonfuls

If you do not want to catch the eyelashes, the liver is a good tool for turning the eyelashes as you wish. Below you can see how easy you can do this.

13. Make perfect drawing around your eyes with spoon

Another trick of beauty with a scoop that’s useful is that you get along with the laurel and a spoon to make perfect drawing over the eye cover.